Zante Zakynthos Island

Zante is part of the Ionian Islands complex, at the west of Greece.

It is an island with fabulous beaches, pine-clad mountains, wonderful flowers, dreamy caves, traditional architecture, picturesque porches and well-mannered hospitable inhabitants.

Zante's finesse, combined with its contribution to culture and arts, which goes back for many years back, make the island even more charming. Venetians called the island the flower of the Orient.

Zante is particularly developed in the tourism sector. Thousands of people each year choose this island as a preferred vacation spot.



  • By airplane:

Very easily reachable from Athens with daily flights of 45 minutes.
Athens - Zakynthos: 2 times daily
Zakynthos - Athens: 2 times daily

Further more, there are flights connecting Zakynthos to Kefalonia, Corf-ugrave; and Salonika of the duration of 30 minutes, 2 and 3.10 hours respectively.
Salonica - Corfu - Kefalonia - Zakynthos: 1 time daily
Zakynthos - Kefalonia - Corfu - Salonica: 1 time daily

Also during the summer period Zakynthos is directly connected to many European cities with charter flights.


  • By boat:

From Italy, with departures from the harbours of Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi you can reach Patras by ferryboat using the navigation compagnies: Superfast, Minoan

From Patras proceed for 60 km along the New National Road via Pyrghos to the coast town of Killini. From Killini there are ferry boats leaving to Zakynthos and the cross is about 1 hour and a half. Ionian Ferries

Zakynthos is connected to Kefalonia by ferryboat too; the cross is about 1 hour from Skinari to Pesada.


  • By bus: (Automobilistic Service):

By bus, KTEL, there are daily trips from Zakynthos to Athens (5 hours), Patras (2 hours) and Salonika (9 hours).


Useful Phones

  • Zakynthos Police : 26950 27791 - 28341
  • Laganas Police : 26950 51251 - 52022
  • Alykes Police : 26950 83217
  • Tourist Police: 26950 27367
  • Port Authority: 26950 28117 - 28118
  • Hospital: 26950 59100
  • First Aid Center (EKAB): 26950 23166
  • Telephone Service (O.T.E): 26950 59300 - 42499
  • Airport: 26950 28322
  • Bus Station (KTEL): 26950 42656
  • Kyllinis Port : 26230 92211
  • Taxi stands: 26950 48400